Your IQ may be substantially reduced when under tough stress. Spend the Easter break to recharge

I am sure all of us have experienced moments when we are not able to respond properly to employees and colleagues due to 100 other thoughts and high stress levels. Or you have experienced intelligent colleagues and bosses responding surprisingly dumb in conversations you initiate. The Norwegian journalist in Dagens Næringsliv, Eva Grinde, has a well written article about the theme, read it here. She is referring to “Overloaded Circuits” article in Harvard Business Review: “In survival mode , the manager is robbed of his flexibility, his sense of humor, his ability to deal with the unknown. He desperately wants to kill the metaphorical tiger”.

Easter vacation is approaching and we can all get a break to recharge and plan how to be smarter in communication with our teams. Wish you all a good Easter! I will be on the track in this picture 🙂


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