4 times a year I meet business leaders in an inspiring Innovation network roundtable. We just had our second roundtable for 2015. Also this time, we centered our discussions around customer relationships and gaps in how brands are delivering on expectations.

And sure there are gaps, even though business leaders often say they already deliver, according to a new survey by IBM and Econsultancy. Also other studies suggest that

Almost 50% of consumers think their brands are clueless about how to reach them. 

HOW TO FILL IN THESE GAPS are therefore some of the most important activities brands and leaders should be aiming for. 

This Mediapost article suggests that we start to create an emotional intelligent strategy. Analyze how the 5 recommendations work for you:

1. Listen Deeply: Understand what your audience is passionate about

2. Add Value First: Rather than just pushing your own agenda

3. Attraction Beats Distraction: Focus on desire and the laws of attraction. “No one likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy”

4. Don’t Be Creepy: But surprise and delight your audience

5. Respect when Retargeting: “Just because someone went out on a date with you doesn’t mean they want to marry you”

Hope this inspires you to close some of the gaps for your brand. Or if you are not aware of the gaps, start to identify them.

Take this quote from Boston Consulting Group with you in your development:

The heart and soul of your company is defined by your relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, investors and communities

Hope you like this, and I love if you share with your network and give your point of view!

Use the comment section below – or you can send them to me at

Inger A. Myklebust is a Business Management Consultant, owner of IAM and author of Business Raw by IAM. She is specializing in leadership, market and business development, program and project management. Inger has leadership experience from IBM (11 years), PwC Consulting (5 years) and Orkla (4 years) among others. Connect with her here, at TwitterFacebook or WordPress.

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