How do you engage yourself and your company to get closer to your customers and employees?

The world is changing fast. How do you transform to create the competitive edge?

Through discussions I have had with leaders, I feel that there is a true interest for embracing Social Media and Analytics to move to a more personalized, energized and relevant dialogue with the customers and employees. However, the leaders like guidance and advice on how.

Outperforming companies and CEOs are;

– building their ANALYTICAL MUSCLE to respond with relevance and immediacy. They realize they must engage customers as individuals, and that means knowing them as a whole human being — with interests, attitudes, and life circumstances that color preferences and needs. The time of one way mass communication is over..

– not afraid to be present in SOCIAL MEDIA themselves. They have started to involve themselves so that they learn by doing and to experience the ocean of new communication- and development opportunities. They are role models and “Walk the Talk”. The time of “hiding” in the Executive office is over..

– facilitating an OPEN and COLLABORATIVE CULTURE. They are implementing new and more efficient ways to drive value and innovations across the organization. They energize and move closer to their employees every day. Information sharing and collaboration is the key to success. The time of “closed” and one way of doing business- and value creation is over..

When opening up, you are not inviting to chaos, however you are evolving into a new form – one better suited to the complexity and pace of business today. Can you afford to wait?

We hope you like this, and we love if you share with your network and give your point of view!

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