Millennial guest series. Alisha Lesniak from the USA

Welcome to Business Raw by IAM Millennial guest series! 

I find inspirations in Millennials thinking of today and the future, as well as how they form their professional choices. The first article in this series was with my oldest son and his girlfriend from Shanghai. In this article Alisha Lesniak from the USA shares how her choices have been formed and what she is aiming for. THANK YOU, Alisha! If you are interested in sharing your story, let me know at


As a long-time lover of animals, it was natural for me to want to pursue them as a career path. While I knew that I always wanted to work with animals, it took me a long time to determine how exactly I would do so. I attended Cal Poly for college and graduated with a degree in animal science. The year following my graduation found me living and working in New York, New Orleans, and California. I worked in zoos, animal shelters, and veterinary hospitals.

While each job fulfilled me in its own way, I slowly began to realize that despite not wanting to admit, money was more important than I had once thought. That believe it or not, you actually needed to make money to live a comfortable life.

And unfortunately for me, these jobs just weren’t satisfying that. I am a person of many passions and somehow tend to gravitate towards the more expensive ones. I recently bought my first horse, and am training for my first triathlon. I picked up polo while in college, and since graduating only have the time and money to play every so often.

A polo tournament last summer in Gilroy, CA with my horse, Beowulf.

After talking with a close family friend I started to think more seriously about going into sales. Specifically, veterinary pharmaceuticals, where I could still work amongst the industry I was most passionate about. After applying, I found rather quickly that this is a very competitive job market and my lack of sales skills just wasn’t going to cut it. I sacrificed my animal job at the time to take an entry level sales position. I currently spend my days calling car dealerships to sell them on our auto finance lead program. Never in a million years would I have seen myself in this position. However, I am working towards my ultimate goal, and have learned immeasurable skills in sales and business in the mean time.

I think it’s important for millennials to be open-minded in today’s job market. Our dream jobs are obtainable, but not always out of the gate. We have to remind ourselves of the bigger picture to get where we want.

I enjoy learning new things! This is from my second bike ride. 

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