Hvordan sikrer du lønnsom vekst?


3 spørsmål:

  • Har du tilstrekkelig og samspillende kompetanse i ditt lederteam? Beskriv
  • Hvor mye tid anvender dere på metodisk nytenkning? Beskriv
  • På en skala fra 1 til 5 – hvor åpen er deres kultur? 1 er veldig lukket og 5 er veldig åpen. Beskriv

Diskuter deretter implikasjoner og om dere er tilstrekkelig rigget for lønnsom vekst.

Mitt selskap IAM hjelper ledere og styrer med vekst og forbedringer gjennom smartere fokus på merkevare og innovasjon. 


Om fornyelse og kommunikasjon


Leste akkurat denne spennende undersøkelsen #SoMeService av Maria Aasbø. Hun setter lys på egne erfaringer gjennom sosiale medier og hvordan hun opplever oppfølgingen både digitalt og fysisk. Jeg er enig:

Det er bare noen få som klarer å kommunisere godt og integrere sin kommunikasjon på tvers av den digitale og fysiske verden. Det dreier seg om god ledelse. Gode ledere setter fokus på nettopp dette. Selskap med slike ledere kommer nærmere kunden og drar fra sine konkurrenter. Og det starter ofte med ledere som har gode kommunikasjonsevner fra før av.

Du har helt sikkert egne erfaringer. Vil du dele de med oss?

En god opplevelse og en dårlig. Jeg starter:


Jeg bestilte nytt rideutstyr fra et selskap i Australia jeg ble oppmerksom på via Instagram. De responderer like godt via direct funksjonen på Instagram som via mail og andre kanaler.


Jeg kontaktet et selskap for å optimalisere IAM nettside for søk (SEO). De hadde en utmerket chat funksjon og en hyggelig rådgiver, men de fulgte aldri opp videre. Dermed glapp en forretningsmulighet.

Nå er det din tur 🙂

It all started with this blog 3 years ago

Today WordPress sent a message to tell me that this blog is 3 years old. That was also the time when my thoughts around IAM Advisory Services started. It took another 1 1/2 years to establish IAM.

At IAM we cannot imagine anything more rewarding than helping leaders and companies succeed with sustainable leadership and solutions for the future. We simply love it!

Welcome to join us on http://www.execiam.com. Please share to leaders you think will benefit. Take a look at the short, informative video below.

I will keep this blog as my private, and perhaps share something from my life and also some more philosophical viewpoints.

All the best from


Author of Business Raw by IAM

Founder of IAM Advisory Services



Roselinde Torres, Boston Consulting Groups resident expert on leadership, outlines three simple, but crucial questions we as leaders need to ask ourselves.

To stand out and make impact through modern leadership practices and performance criteria is more important than ever. How do we take our brands and organizations leaps forward? How do we shape the future and not only react to it?

If we are still using traditional leadership practices and outdated performance criterias we may be supported by false positives. Lets make sure we are on the right track!

Roselinde Torres takes us through 3 critical questions in the below 9 minutes great video:

1. Where are you looking to anticipate change?
2. What is the diversity measure of your network?
3. Are you courageous enough to abandon the past?

Hope this makes you THINK, and we love if you share your reflections with us here!

How do you engage yourself and your company to get closer to your customers and employees?

The world is changing fast. How do you transform to create the competitive edge?

Through discussions I have had with leaders, I feel that there is a true interest for embracing Social Media and Analytics to move to a more personalized, energized and relevant dialogue with the customers and employees. However, the leaders like guidance and advice on how.

Outperforming companies and CEOs are;

– building their ANALYTICAL MUSCLE to respond with relevance and immediacy. They realize they must engage customers as individuals, and that means knowing them as a whole human being — with interests, attitudes, and life circumstances that color preferences and needs. The time of one way mass communication is over..

– not afraid to be present in SOCIAL MEDIA themselves. They have started to involve themselves so that they learn by doing and to experience the ocean of new communication- and development opportunities. They are role models and “Walk the Talk”. The time of “hiding” in the Executive office is over..

– facilitating an OPEN and COLLABORATIVE CULTURE. They are implementing new and more efficient ways to drive value and innovations across the organization. They energize and move closer to their employees every day. Information sharing and collaboration is the key to success. The time of “closed” and one way of doing business- and value creation is over..

When opening up, you are not inviting to chaos, however you are evolving into a new form – one better suited to the complexity and pace of business today. Can you afford to wait?

We hope you like this, and we love if you share with your network and give your point of view!

Use the comment section below – or you can send them to ingeramyklebust@execiam.com


I continue my RAW video communication experiment.

This time: IAM in 1 minute.

I film with my iPhone and use iMovie in the creation process.

Would love to get your opinion, as well as input on what you do to develop your social presence.


IAM – Serving forward focused leaders from Inger A Myklebust on Vimeo.



4 times a year I meet business leaders in an inspiring Innovation network roundtable. We just had our second roundtable for 2015. Also this time, we centered our discussions around customer relationships and gaps in how brands are delivering on expectations.

And sure there are gaps, even though business leaders often say they already deliver, according to a new survey by IBM and Econsultancy. Also other studies suggest that

Almost 50% of consumers think their brands are clueless about how to reach them. 

HOW TO FILL IN THESE GAPS are therefore some of the most important activities brands and leaders should be aiming for. 

This Mediapost article suggests that we start to create an emotional intelligent strategy. Analyze how the 5 recommendations work for you:

1. Listen Deeply: Understand what your audience is passionate about

2. Add Value First: Rather than just pushing your own agenda

3. Attraction Beats Distraction: Focus on desire and the laws of attraction. “No one likes to be sold to, but everyone loves to buy”

4. Don’t Be Creepy: But surprise and delight your audience

5. Respect when Retargeting: “Just because someone went out on a date with you doesn’t mean they want to marry you”

Hope this inspires you to close some of the gaps for your brand. Or if you are not aware of the gaps, start to identify them.

Take this quote from Boston Consulting Group with you in your development:

The heart and soul of your company is defined by your relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, investors and communities

Hope you like this, and I love if you share with your network and give your point of view!

Use the comment section below – or you can send them to me at ingeramyklebust@gmail.com.

Inger A. Myklebust is a Business Management Consultant, owner of IAM and author of Business Raw by IAM. She is specializing in leadership, market and business development, program and project management. Inger has leadership experience from IBM (11 years), PwC Consulting (5 years) and Orkla (4 years) among others. Connect with her here, at TwitterFacebook or WordPress.