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I continue my social media experiment. Today I created a new WordPress site for IAM.

Hope you like it! Will for sure be developed and improved in the coming weeks 😉

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The first day of the new year

The first day of the new year. Restart and new opportunities to be taken. I will start my own company. Continuation of my consulting will be part of this. I am so excited!

I am sure you also have some changes you like to implement? This article is the most read on Business Raw, and I think it is as relevant now as it was right after the summer vacation. Perhaps it can give you some new ideas?

Enjoy the start of this new year. Be proactive in building your brand and footprint.

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Your company brand is being built through your employees, customers and others every minute. And you are probably not aware of all your advocates and also critics out there to the extent you should.

Read this article – and l would love if you share what you think.

Learn from your employees and customers every day. Empower them and they will power your brand!

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My Millennial guest series will be developed. STAY TUNED!

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Looking at the Millennials/ Generation Y –  born early 1980 to early 2000 – is your leadership hanging in there? I hope mine is. Therefore, some of my inspirators are found in the younger age groups.

Found this article on Generation Y characteristics. The highlights:

  • Attracted to organisations where technology is at the forefront of the companies ethos
  • View life differently than their overworked parents – seeks the best blend of an enjoyable life with a fulfilling working environment
  • Unlike generations before them they are happy to change job roles more often to find the right organization to work within
  • A team playing mentality and expectations of openness and transparency from management and colleagues
  • Communication which is quick, effective and on Generation Y terms will be conducted in a heartbeat
  • Constant feedback, gratitude, guidance and reassurance are essentials

Generation Y is the fastest growing generation in business and as leaders…

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I just published my first article on LinkedIn, read it here.

Hope it makes you THINK. And I would love if you LIKE, comment with your own thoughts and share with your own network.

Thank you – and I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Forward thinkers in roundtable discussion last week in Oslo

Innovation network for Business leaders challenged by Dag Inge Fjeld

Innovation network for Business leaders challenged by Dag Inge Fjeld

Last week we had a new meeting in our Innovation network for Business leaders. We had the great pleasure of having Dag Inge Fjeld as our guest and speaker. Dag Inge talked about the Big Data ghost – “the algorithm rock n roll” – we now experience in particular with Marketing and Business Development leaders. Working within an industry standard only based on historic data and what your target group tells you in focus groups and similar may suppress creativity and actual opportunities.

Different views in the “echo chambers” that corporations often develop to become are rare. But is it not the different that will take us one step ahead?

A question we will continue to discuss in our next meetings is how the quarterly profit pressured organizations do need to change to properly innovate and develop long term.

Communication – the human connection (H2H) – is the key to success!


I took this picture in the Gustav Vigeland park in Oslo, Norway.


Think about a positive connection with someone – at home or at work this past week. How did you feel? My guess is that you felt great and wanted more of it. Not a big surprise that company cultures growing such good relationships better than others are winning in the market place.

Did you know that H2H (Human to Human) is now replacing B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business)? Because it is all about human connections, read more about it here.

Think about how you and your company strengthen communication and the human connection. And share it with us here.

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