One of my most read articles Ledelse mot bedre Resultater – et voksende behov for transformerende ledere med selvinnsikt (published at Hegnar Online) I listed 5 areas for improvement in Leadership. Many leaders will probably say they cover all of those sufficiently, but the employees do not always agree. The result potential in improving is substantial. For many companies January is the time for defining 2014 goals and roadmaps.

How do you define goals with your team? Do you succeed in creating the greatest commitment? Do you all believe you can stretch? Do you sufficiently dream together? Do you empower each other with positive energy?

I have seen many different practices. The outperforming companies put energy into defining beautiful goals and roadmaps. The leader and team work together to energize and even put some magic into the goals and roadmap. They often succeed in achieving their goals. The opposite is true where the leaders set the goals and just tell the employees ”Fix this” without any more interaction – only control meetings once in a while.

High and ambitious goals are always achievable if the team interacts optimally and constructive. You give each other the good and positive feeling and you trust each other through open interactions and developments.

Think about how you work with your team to optimize this important step.

And I would love to discuss with you and if you share with us here!

My goal this Sunday is to finalize shoveling all this snow. This is teamwork with my husband. We already agreed we will succeed. The roadmap is wonderful – fresh air, fresh mind and strong body powers.

Have a good Sunday!


The first 90 days as CEO

Frank Møllerop, the QuestBack CEO, tells about his first 90 days at work seeking insight and advice from the customers and employees in crafting the future scenarios and the strategy. I recommend you to look at this 7 minutes inspirational video. I am also fascinated by how Frank is utilizing social media in his new job. Great!