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I continue my social media experiment. Today I created a new WordPress site for IAM.

Hope you like it! Will for sure be developed and improved in the coming weeks 😉

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Om Fornyelse

Det sies at det stĂžrste dilemma for ledere er Ă„ sette av tid til fornyelse og endring.

I fĂžlge en AT Kearney undersĂžkelse har strategi arbeid nesten forsvunnet i kaoset av Ă„ forsĂžke og ”fikse” det man tror er konkurransemessige fordeler.

Kollektiv nytenkning satt i strategisk perspektiv er en av de viktigste lederoppgavene, etter min mening.

Den senere tid har jeg jobbet med ledere for Ă„ gjĂžre nettopp dette. Her er suksessfaktorer jeg observerer – de 7 Ter:

  1. TID: Tilstrekkelig tid er reservert
  2. TEAM: Riktig sammensatt kompetanse med godt samarbeidsklima. Involverer i perioder bredt internt og eksternt
  3. TENKER TÅLMODIG: Anvender mye tid til lĂŠring og observasjon. Tenker utenfor ”boksen” – lar ikke dagens ”bokser” begrense seg.
  4. TREND: Nyutviklingen er basert pÄ analyser av markedsbehov
  5. TARGET: Kunden/ mÄlgruppen integreres i prosessen
  6. TEKNOLOGI: Involverer ofte smart teknologi
  7. TPLAN: En plan/ struktur overbygget med strategiske ambisjoner og dybdebygget med mÄlrettet innhold

Spent pÄ Ä hÞre dine erfaringer! Har du andre omrÄder til listen? Legg igjen en kommentar under og vi fÄr en interessant dialog!

“If it wasn’t hard everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great” ~ Tom Hanks

Inger A Myklebust driver rÄdgivningvirksomhet gjennom eget selskap IAM innen blant annet resultatforbedringer, forretningsutvikling, strategi, marked og salg. Hun har roller som fasilitator, program-/prosjektleder, foredragsholder og mentor. Hennes bakgrunn er blant annet fra IBM (11 Är), PwC (5 Är) og Orkla (4 Är). Inger er Äpen for forespÞrsler, ogsÄ innen management for hire. Kontakt henne pÄ ingeramyklebust@gmail.com.


Your company brand is being built through your employees, customers and others every minute. And you are probably not aware of all your advocates and also critics out there to the extent you should.

Read this article – and l would love if you share what you think.

Learn from your employees and customers every day. Empower them and they will power your brand!

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Your IQ may be substantially reduced when under tough stress. Spend the Easter break to recharge

I am sure all of us have experienced moments when we are not able to respond properly to employees and colleagues due to 100 other thoughts and high stress levels. Or you have experienced intelligent colleagues and bosses responding surprisingly dumb in conversations you initiate. The Norwegian journalist in Dagens NĂŠringsliv, Eva Grinde, has a well written article about the theme, read it here. She is referring to “Overloaded Circuits” article in Harvard Business Review: “In survival mode , the manager is robbed of his flexibility, his sense of humor, his ability to deal with the unknown. He desperately wants to kill the metaphorical tiger”.

Easter vacation is approaching and we can all get a break to recharge and plan how to be smarter in communication with our teams. Wish you all a good Easter! I will be on the track in this picture 🙂


Communication – the human connection (H2H) – is the key to success!


I took this picture in the Gustav Vigeland park in Oslo, Norway.


Think about a positive connection with someone – at home or at work this past week. How did you feel? My guess is that you felt great and wanted more of it. Not a big surprise that company cultures growing such good relationships better than others are winning in the market place.

Did you know that H2H (Human to Human) is now replacing B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business)? Because it is all about human connections, read more about it here.

Think about how you and your company strengthen communication and the human connection. And share it with us here.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


What are your employees saying about working in your company?

Interesting to read the highlights of these 50 best ranked companies. Not surprisingly, some of the reasons why the employees love to work for these companies:

  • Great leadership – drive real change to solve big problems
  • Strong, transparent culture
  • Smart people and positive, collaborative relationships
  • Clear career path
  • Future orientation
  • Flexibility

Top 3 Social Media Accidents and how to avoid them!

Good Social media reminder.

Social Media to Social Business

I was driving home tonight and had to avoid a highway due to an accident.   It got me thinking about how to avoid Social Accidents.

The Three Most Common Social Accidents: 

1.   Talking only about your offering, service, product.   Social media is about forming relationships and every relationship is about both listening and speaking!.   Did you know that you can spot a healthy relationship by paying attention to how well the two people listen to each other!.   Don’t have an accident and have everyone avoid you by only talking and not listening.  Share other’s content and promote others’ ideas as well as your own.

Action:   If you communicate 6 things socially, 4 of those 6, or 67% should be showcasing content from your influencers. The other items you should be showcasing are your Point of View or Subject Matter Expertise .  Something of value!

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