Fashion and Digital Innovation Think Tank – take a look at this 2 min new video

Fashion and Digital – take a look at this 2 min new video

Ralph Lauren

To add to my previous post on emotional connections, I have to show you this Ralph Lauren example. Take a look at “The Ricky Story” launched on Facebook 2 days ago. What do you think? Does it hit your emotions? I am already very well connected with the brand, and just love this!

Since I was young I have been a big shopper of Ralph Lauren. Every year when I am visiting my family in New York, I go to the Ralph Lauren Manhattan flagship store. My small boys were dressed up with new clothes when I came home from my trips, and some called them the Ralph Lauren models. One day one of my sons refused to wear the shirt with the horse on.. I guess this proves what big brand builders do to people. I cannot stop to connect with this great brand. I am sure you have your story on how you are emotionally connected with a brand. Please share it!

Moods of Norway original Marketing methods continue – 10 years anniversary Celebration


Yesterday the successful fashion company Moods of Norway celebrated their 10 years anniversary in Oslo Spektrum with more than 5000 of their best friends. The original fashion show included celebrities catwalking in clothes that make you happy, artists singing and entertaining. And of course did the founders of the company have a central role at the scene. They very much represent the unique DNA of their Brand that attracts so many people to their stores. Will be nice to observe the Social media effects as almost everyone was taking pictures and sharing the moment of happiness..