.. said the man when meeting the cashier to pay his groceries.

“NO – I do not want a printed receipt!”

“NO – I do not want a shoppingbag!”

“NO – I do not want your loyalty card offer!”

This was my sons funny observation when he was doing his grocery shopping the other day.

Outperforming companies do not ask the same questions to their customers over and over again – just to irritate. In this case the cashier did not even have to ask the questions – the customer knew the questions that were coming long before he entered the store.

Outperforming companies gather customer preferences and wishes, equip their service personnel with insight and tailor the dialogues with the individual customer through their preferred channels. They delight and surprise!

The consumers are “connected” as ever before, and if you are not already discussing the strategic implications and opportunities in detail it is time to get started. Take a minute and reflect on your own shopping experiences and how your company/ brand is doing. Where are the major areas for improvements?