This is the start of my new series of Guests to talk about their Business Leadership and Life.

My first guest is Ivar A Myklebust – my dear father and great role model. He has taught me a lot in Business and Life. How he has handled and made some big decisions in the roller coaster of Business and Life is admirable. He is very intelligent, deep and passionate in many subjects. Most of the time he is in a great mood and makes us all happy.


Ivar has build and led the profitable business Inger Sørensen A/S or Ingers – a fresh seafood company in Oslo, Norway – for 40 years. His father and my grandfather bought the company in 1951 and Ivar took fully over in 1961. Ingers was established by Inger Sørensen in 1870. Inger was a special, strong and successful business woman.


–          Ivar, looking back – what do you see as highlights in your Business Life?

–          I see the 1960’ies turnaround operation of a red numbers company to a well organized and profitable company. Early use of data and tools to develop a customer centric company with predictable logistics and deliveries was a big leap. The change from a one man show to a bigger organization with great teamwork. And finally, the implementation of positive synergies when merging with other companies.

–          If you could do it again, would you do anything different?

–          Looking back, I could perhaps have reduced my risk willingness. Downturns are today only spices in conversations.. Beyond that, I do not think hypothetical considerations are so interesting.

–          What is your most important life learning points?

–          Insight into the value of harmonic relationships – family and professionally. Birth, health, life and death.. Euphoria and reality.. What does sorrow do to you? Reminders to live your talents while you can and have the skills. No nonsense attitude in important questions.. The importance of humor and self-irony.. Growing understanding of what a good education means. Better insight often comes in steps, sometimes as an aha experience. For instance I had a 2 weeks trip to the USA in 1971 with a hectic and steep learning curve. Great!

Seafood Lesson from one generation to another

Seafood Lesson from one generation to another

Ivar and his 3 children Johan, Oda and Inger

Ivar and his 3 children Johan, Oda and Inger

–          What is your top advice to younger people?

–          Even if you are talented, don’t forget that hard work, in general, is the key to success. And another advice, and I quote Ben Hogan, the golf legend:

“As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round”.

My father and my sons

Ivar and his grandchildren Nicolai and Joakim playing golf in Spain

–          Do you have a favorite quote or philosophical viewpoint to share?

–          Such questions take much of my time and will be too much to explore here.. Due to my life in the trade of seafood: “Ikke ta alt for god fisk” (sorry, this is only possible to say in Norwegian). Healthy sceptisism and more knowledge will lead to a better world, the way I see it.