In striving for your goals and visions, do not forget to celebrate your achievements “the reverse gap”

Great reminder!

What are your reflections on this 4 min video?



My customer – My friend

My customer – My friend

Friendships are built upon loyalty, sharing and trust. A business’s relationship with its customers should be no different.

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Looking at the Millennials/ Generation Y –  born early 1980 to early 2000 – is your leadership hanging in there? I hope mine is. Therefore, some of my inspirators are found in the younger age groups.

Found this article on Generation Y characteristics. The highlights:

  • Attracted to organisations where technology is at the forefront of the companies ethos
  • View life differently than their overworked parents – seeks the best blend of an enjoyable life with a fulfilling working environment
  • Unlike generations before them they are happy to change job roles more often to find the right organization to work within
  • A team playing mentality and expectations of openness and transparency from management and colleagues
  • Communication which is quick, effective and on Generation Y terms will be conducted in a heartbeat
  • Constant feedback, gratitude, guidance and reassurance are essentials

Generation Y is the fastest growing generation in business and as leaders we all want to know how to nurture this talent. Get to know them well as they will someday be heading up the businesses we are all part of!

Stay tuned for my Millennial guest series to be developed!