How do you engage yourself and your company to get closer to your customers and employees?

The world is changing fast. How do you transform to create the competitive edge?

Through discussions I have had with leaders, I feel that there is a true interest for embracing Social Media and Analytics to move to a more personalized, energized and relevant dialogue with the customers and employees. However, the leaders like guidance and advice on how.

Outperforming companies and CEOs are;

– building their ANALYTICAL MUSCLE to respond with relevance and immediacy. They realize they must engage customers as individuals, and that means knowing them as a whole human being — with interests, attitudes, and life circumstances that color preferences and needs. The time of one way mass communication is over..

– not afraid to be present in SOCIAL MEDIA themselves. They have started to involve themselves so that they learn by doing and to experience the ocean of new communication- and development opportunities. They are role models and “Walk the Talk”. The time of “hiding” in the Executive office is over..

– facilitating an OPEN and COLLABORATIVE CULTURE. They are implementing new and more efficient ways to drive value and innovations across the organization. They energize and move closer to their employees every day. Information sharing and collaboration is the key to success. The time of “closed” and one way of doing business- and value creation is over..

When opening up, you are not inviting to chaos, however you are evolving into a new form – one better suited to the complexity and pace of business today. Can you afford to wait?

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WHY IS IT SMART TO BE SOCIAL? MY BENEFITS SO FAR, including most read articles in 2013

In my last post I wrote I would share my greatest benefits and learning points from participating in social media. Here we go.

You strengthen current relationships and create new ones by opening more up. Virtual and physical communications strengthen each other.

You give me great feedback and energy to continue to engage in new dialogues and create new content. Most of the feedback I receive directly is still oral when I meet you physically. I get new relationships with exciting people in my subject expertise area that I would normally not meet.

The real step change came with my blogging. Blogging is a lot of fun and is also a great tool for own reflections in favorite subject areas.

I worked hard on my first blog during fall 2011, read it here, and I guess this was my mental break through into the social world. At the same time I established my Twitter profile. With my personal blog initiative established summer 2013, I have been working on how to expose myself through content development more on an experimental base.

Some wonderful highlights:

–      I have had about 1000 views per month on my page with numerous countries represented

–      My most read articles focus on:

  1. Guest series on Business Leadership and Life. Two articles so far – take a look here and here
  2. Customer experience, Leadership and Innovation themes
  3. My job change from IBM to Considium Consulting Group

Some of my articles were published on Hegnar Online. Ledelse mot Resultater has been the most liked, shared and commented.

–      Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Hegnar Online have been the major referrers to my blog.

I was discussing social presence with a friend. She was irritated about all of those people driving social media activities as egodriven and a show off. Hopefully my sharing is more of pleasure and added value to people than irritation. Typically, we will ignore the people and content that irritate anyway – do you not agree? Just like in the physical world.

Reading and responding to other peoples content is as important as creating and sharing your own.

Every morning when I read the news, I also look through my social media platforms. I like, comment and share good articles from and with my network.

You learn how others behave socially, you learn a lot about your subject and you receive ideas to your own work and content development.

This is a great starting point for everyone, and do not have to take more than 5 – 15 min every day. You follow the companies and people you admire or work with, and you will for sure receive a lot of good inspiration for your own work.

Being social is really about balancing your effort cross the virtual and physical ideally.

I am sure I can work more on this article. But now I want to get out and enjoy the snow and nice sun before it is dark again around 3.

Wish you all a good Sunday!


Top 3 Social Media Accidents and how to avoid them!

Good Social media reminder.

Social Media to Social Business

I was driving home tonight and had to avoid a highway due to an accident.   It got me thinking about how to avoid Social Accidents.

The Three Most Common Social Accidents: 

1.   Talking only about your offering, service, product.   Social media is about forming relationships and every relationship is about both listening and speaking!.   Did you know that you can spot a healthy relationship by paying attention to how well the two people listen to each other!.   Don’t have an accident and have everyone avoid you by only talking and not listening.  Share other’s content and promote others’ ideas as well as your own.

Action:   If you communicate 6 things socially, 4 of those 6, or 67% should be showcasing content from your influencers. The other items you should be showcasing are your Point of View or Subject Matter Expertise .  Something of value!

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