WELCOME to Business Raw!

The objective for Business Raw is to INSPIRE and THINK with Business Leaders in the areas of Leadership, Branding, Innovation and Performance. So far, most of my blogs have been in English. However, I will write in Norwegian once in a while. 

A few words about me:

My professional background is from Business Development, Consulting/ Advisory Services, Strategy, Innovations, Brand Building, Performance Improvements, Leadership and Boards. IBM, PwC Consulting and Orkla (Nordic FMCG company) are among the corporations I have been working with.

Trends on how modern leadership and technology accelerate Open Innovation, Knowledge, Networks and Business Value are among my favorite areas. How to come closer to the customer in the Retail, FMCG, Consulting and Technology industries is my core competency.

I am born and live in Norway, married and a proud mother of two sons. Sports, being close to Nature, Family and Friends are part of the Life subject. The majority of pictures I use in visualizing the selected themes I have taken myself.

People inspiring me will be invited as my guests, quoted and/ or highlighted.

This blog led me into the the founding of IAM, an advisory services company focusing on innovation, branding and performance leadership.

Hope you enjoy Business Raw, and I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best from


Author of Business Raw

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